About Paralogue

Paralogue is a Javascript-based website interface that parses HTML files and displays them in movable, manipulable frames like separate documents. In combination with Cadre, this provides a very efficient and flexible workflow for both programming and editing articles. A separate format is provided for mobile and other small-screen devices. Paralogue is largely independent of Cadre, but has been tailored to support the CMS in a fashion that allows minimal modification of an existing Cadre database; in particular, by intercepting and reformulating anchor tags.

Future Directions

The next logical step for Paralogue is rich text editing (through templates with edit modes designed to support .isContentEditable) but this could be extended further to offer a collaborative real-time editor. Implementing these features in a manner consistent with Cadre's current design would create an interactive web application platform similar to Google's Wave in its flexibility. There is great potential still for an application that can provide a shared view of a dynamic workspace, especially if it is readily extensible, and doubly so if it is presented in a web context.