Karyon A unified web application platform

In 2009 we started work on Cadre, a compact and efficient CMS and web application prototyping platform written in PHP. This was something of a new adventure for us, and our first real foray into web programming. Cadre accomplishes its job admirably and has been deployed in a variety of situations where detailed text-oriented information needed to be presented to users according to a granular permissions model.

However, without a doubt, Cadre's performance and extensibility has been limited by its heritage as a PHP-based application. It is our intention over the next few years to reimplement its featureset directly in C++, called Karyon or Native Cadre. This will be followed by making Octavia not only a serverside web language, but also a worthwhile scripting language for general use.

Full compatibility with the PHP implementation of Cadre is intended, although we will eventually discontinue the PHP version in favour of recommending that a reverse proxy be used instead.

More information will be posted as plans develop.